List of Wendy’s Books

HIGH HOPES: how Appalachian prescribers and therapists are facing down the opioid crisis is a collection of essays and personal stories from practitioners in Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio, and Virginia. (McFarland Press, Summer 2020)

Included in the book are a nurse practitioner discussing her twin sons’ addiction in both maternal and medical terms; a doctor born after the “official” start of the opioid crisis evaluating its effects on her generation’s life choices; an essay on how August 14, 2016 changed Huntington from an opioid crisis epicenter to the City of Solutions; and more.

coverFALL OR FLY: the strangely hopeful story of foster care and adoption in Appalachia tells the story of how the opioid crisis affected the region’s most vulnerable population, creating compassion fatigue and losing a generation in the process. Solutions suggested by those in the midst of the crisis feature in the more than sixty interviews with social workers, parents, and children (bio/foster/adopted) and community stakeholders. There’s a lot the public doesn’t know about how the foster care system works. (Ohio University Press 2019)

Public HealthPUBLIC HEALTH IN APPALACHIA: essays from the clinic and the field is divided into three sections: problems, solutions, and important theories on rural health. Welch edited more than contributors writing on the intertwined nature of economics and health, the need for both patient and provider responsibility, and the ways in which small town doctors first blew the (ignored) whistle on painkiller marketing in areas dependent on physical labor jobs. Cultural competency, policy influence, political maneuvering and more (McFarland Press, 2014)

THE LITTLE BOOKSTORE OF BIG STONE GAP: a memoir of friendship, community, and the happy bookstore catuncommon pleasure of a good book describes how Wendy and her husband Jack Beck set up and ran a bookstore for fifteen years in rural Virginia. Foibles, fun, and lots of felines feature in the warm and witty story of how the beat the odds (and Amazon) to prove bookstore have a future in America–and beyond. Little Bookstore was translated into five languages and named Book of the Year in South Korea.

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