An Indian Summer

Jack scrapes in under the wire again – –

Things have become a bit strange during the continued pandemic lock-down, to the extent that simply having a few friends meet with us on our back deck (suitably distanced of course) becomes an occasion for celebration. So it was last evening when Kirk, Nancy and Dawn joined us on a late October day when the temp was in the mid 70s (Jack is proud of not putting a possessive apostrophe before the plural ‘s’).

As well as enjoying the balmy night and the wide ranging conversation we also tucked into one of my curries. Wendy is a spice wimp so it’s always good to have others on hand who are into hot foods.

For some time now I’ve made big batches of basic Indian restaurant style sauce and then bagged and frozen it ready to bring out a bag as and when necessary. The recipe is easy and can be found on-line.

This sauce should be thought of as a blank canvas on which you will paint the finished picture. It’s fairly bland and I usually add onions, red and green peppers, and any other veggies going spare. I also decide what additional spices are needed to get to the desired heat (“hot or Indian hot, sir?”). I usually saute the chopped onions in some ghee, then minced garlic, ghost pepper powder and hot curry powder and finally add the sauce and veggies.

Then it’s time to decide what protein will go in, if any. I sometimes just leave it as a veggie curry, but also often add chicken or shrimp. I cut chicken breasts into bite sized chunks then marinade them overnight before grilling in the oven and adding to the curry. I use a chicken tikka spice blend in the marinade. Shrimp is easier but shouldn’t be added until late if it’s already cooked and pink or it will be tough and chewy – in fact I often serve it separately for folk to add if they want or not as they choose.

Just lately, instead of freezing the basic sauce we’ve been canning it – mainly because we have access to a pressure canner and Wendy has become skilled at the process. Personally I find the whole thing pretty scary, as I have never experienced it. In fact I don’t really understand why it’s called canning when it actually involves glass jars!

So now we have twenty eight jars of curry sauce, which should keep me going for a good long time. And Wendy will be eating something else.


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The Tuesday Troll: MEET AMANDA SMITH

Hey y’all – sorry about not doing a Monday book yesterday, but the last one I read, I didn’t like, and we only do books we like here.

But I do have something fun for you today. You know that whole “Russian troll” thing? Meet AMANDA SMITH, our very own Slovakian.

Amanda sent a very strange comment to be approved after my Punk blog on Sunday–which if I do say so myself was one of the cuter ones.

Here is what Amanda sent:

If you have trouble reading that, it says

the second wave is starting and in a pandemic it is usually the 2nd wave that kills the majority of people. You baby boomers are all going to die of corona virus and finally the world will be able to make progress when you boomers are all dead

So first, how interesting and factually inaccurate. Second waves aren’t the lethal ones. I’m not a Baby Boomer. I’m a Gen X.

Second, Amanda does this a lot. On March 27, she targeted a blog called The Summer years, saying:

You boomers are shutting down the entire economy because you’re afraid of a flu. Seriously, can you boomers kill yourselves? You are the most selfish generation to ever exist. You don’t give a shit about climate change, why should we young people give a shit if you get sick and die of some virus? I HOPE the virus gets much stronger and kills you all.

Third, Amanda doesn’t exist, at least not as Amanda. This is our girl:

Welcome, Tuesday Troll!!

So now you know. They’re everywhere, and they want us at each other’s throats. Silly, silly people fall for this crap. The rest of us laugh, say a prayer for whoever has to make a living doing things like this, and enjoy writing a blog about it. (Thank you Jen Cole for finding “Amanda” so quickly!)

I modestly like to think I rate a Russian troll (Slovakia is just where the pingback comes from) because of my forthcoming book COVID Conspiracies: QAnon, 5G, The New World Order and other Viral Ideas. But then, one of the leading attractions of a conspiracy theory is its empowering of victimization by feeling important enough to persecute, so….

Stay safe, be good to each other, and don’t believe everything you read, y’all. (I did a translation of English to Slovakian of “y’all.” It is “y’all.” So now we know…)

Here’s a link to that other blog. If you see Amanda in other places, tell them hi from us!


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