What’s a Husband to Do?

house husbandJack’s weekly guest blog, flying solo!

Wendy has been away in Philadelphia since the beginning of the week and won’t be back until Saturday.

How strange the place is without her! It’s quiet professor – too quiet!

– and I have to feed the felines and doggies, handle all the bookstore stuff, liaise with the cafe, think about upcoming events, keep the place clean, feed myself and keep up with the needs of a 111 year old building.

– then on Sunday we head off together to Florida for a week where Wendy will be presenting on rural health issues at a conference.

– but that means a ‘shop-sitter’ and they arrive on Saturday and need an orientation to get up to speed.

– but that means the guest room has to be ready, and the ‘bookstore manual’ has to be re-written to be up to date.

– uh, oh – the dogs are barking and I think I hear a cat fight, and someone just phoned to see if we can take in five kittens!

Did I say it was quiet? QUIET??

I love you dear – please come home – – – –

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