Food, Fiction, Felines, and Farewells

This blog post comes from Bob and Lisa (the last one came from Lisa and Bob):

It’s been a delicious week. My voracious appetites for both food and fiction have been satiated, thanks to the Second-Story Cafe and Little Bookstore, respectively.  I’ve read a dozen short-stories and half-finishedowen two novels, including Wendy’s. I’ve enjoyed Kelley’s feijoada and Anne’s sangria. Like a much-loved cousin home on holiday, I’ve received more more social invites in the last four days than in the four years prior.  Lisa and I have fallen in love with the bookstore, the people, and most especially, the animals. I’ll miss Owen’s sudden glares through the picture window, firmly tapping “let me in.”  I’ll miss watching Hadders’ spirited battles with Lisa’s fallen hair-tie.  I’ll miss Ritchie’s rumbly-purr, Zora’s mournful stare, Bert’s barking, and Beulah’s regal poise.cats

The hair, care, and feeding — not so much. As Lisa wistfully described to Elizabeth her dream of owning such a bookstore one day, I leaned over and interjected, “I recommend that we either run a bookstore or foster strays, but not both at the same time.”  Not unless I discover the same fountain of youth that Jack has.

He and Wendy are returning tonight, and I find myself both excited and saddened.  The adventure is nearly over; now the farewells begin.  Or, I should say “Until we meet again.”  After all, we’re family now.

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