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Jack’s Wednesday guest post just – almost – makes it in time – –

Who else has weird dreams?

Mine are really off the wall.

One recurring one has me failing to find every car I’ve ever owned. I still have them all and I’ve parked them randomly all over my hometown back in Scotland. I can’t find any of them and I waken up in a sweat every time!

Another whole series has me on impossibly tall structures – ridges, escarpments, skyscrapers – whatever. I’m teetering up there and looking down (never look down!!).

Not so long after my Dad died I had dreams of falling off impossibly high cliffs and he’d catch me in a strange very dark atmosphere (in real life he had really, physically, held me in a scarily high place more than once).

Just last night I had one where Wendy goes on one of these girl scout camp outings. She stumbles on a very rare Elvis Presley recording (a very limited promotional recording) and then another different one from the same session (both phenomenally valuable). There was lots of detective work and some scary stuff as well  – – – –

Then there are disconnected bits and pieces of memories that end up as just that – disconnected bits and pieces that somehow whirl along and make some kind of odd journey.

But the strangest of all –

I hear whole third party narratives (like radio shows) that go on all night (I think) and tell me stories. Usually quite lengthy ones with strangely quirky side turnings – almost like noir dramas!

So – long remembered cars, falling, Elvis, noir dramas and long narratives – – –


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