Seeking a Home for Hadley

Windsome hadleyWith determination, bittersweet sadness, and love, we are seeking a new home for our little Hadley Marie Hemingway.

After two years of being staff cat in a foster family, she is not thriving in this environment. She does fine when it’s “just us” but each time newcomers arrive, she exhibits angry behavior. Hadley is also fine with dogs and cats who remain in her life, just not good at the railway station traffic.

Nike, her friend and companion here, is optional to rehome with her. If you have wanted to have SPECIAL cats in your life, these two are da bomb. Nike is supersmart, kind as cats go, and beautiful in long silky fur that almost looks like feathers. She grooms Hadley and coaches her in “new situations.” Hadley knows three constants in life: this is where I eat, this is where I poop, and Nike. We worry a little bit about rehoming her without her cat mom, because Hadley doesn’t learn new things quickly.



Born with literal brain damage (her birth sac didn’t get ripped open in time to prevent her losing a few cells to oxygen deprivation, is our vet’s assesesment) Hadley can use the box (unless she’s angry) and is cuddlesome when it’s her idea. She has an unhealthy interest in matches and we suggest you keep her far from them, and blowtorches and dragons. There’s no telling what kind of plans her strange little mind would make.

December folder 047We have loved Hadley dearly since the Halloween afternoon our friend Tabitha rescued her from the side of a mountain. Rehoming her is what’s best for her, not us. Accustomed to her idiosyncrasies, we’ve come to realize they are caused by stress. Which is not good for her. She needs a quieter place than this, a bookstore with heavy foot and paw traffic.

So if you have been a Hadley fan, or seek an adult cat (preferably two) to brighten your life, send us any questions you may have about Hadley and Nike. You are welcome to use the bookstore email at or FB message Jack or Wendy. The home will be vetted. We want what’s best for our special fur baby.hadley

And here’s a link to the blog Hadley wrote for the Jungle Red Writers (crime fiction) about her life in the bookstore.


3 thoughts on “Seeking a Home for Hadley

  1. sorry you all we are just not into kats and my driving daze are over age and a replaced shoulder has slowed me down…..if I could drive I would clear out our house of “BOOKS” we have the worlds largest collection of books and “DUST” the the two go with the territory I only have a 3/4 ton pick-em-up truck and would have to make a couple of trips I am the OLde Overlea, Md
    goatherder and I love getting your e-mails hosewho@gmail .com keep em coming

  2. You are doing the right thing for Hadley. A new home will be found (hopefully for both Nike and Hadley), I am going to add it to my prayer list. I had to rehome a dear kitty this year due to out of the blue agression issues. It will be OK, not easy, but necessary. Prayers going up!

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