All the Sevens

Just quite Thursday, so – – – Jack’s Wednesday post –

Another birthday! Now I’m seventy-seven!!

When I turned sixty, I retired (for the first time) and that didn’t seem like much. Then sixty-five and that wasn’t much different. Even seventy wasn’t a big deal, but seventy-five felt different somehow.

I can now see eighty approaching and there aren’t so many friends or family members that made it to there. Yet, here I am, relatively healthy and still going.

I find that those of my generation with the same interests tend to cluster together through social media and that’s both comforting and affirming. At the same time, I’ve found that a longtime enthusiasm for traditional music has connected me with many younger and exciting performers too. I’ve been able, also, to continue enjoying my trade and professional skills both directly and indirectly and that is a good thing surely?

But the funny thing is that as I’ve gotten to this point, I realize how incredibly lucky I am. I heard on a radio show recently that the average life expectancy in China in 1980 was between thirty-six and forty-six! 1980!!

So here we are and here I am, still with ever closer old friends and many newer new friends.

Wendy, of course, has a fair bit to go to catch up with me, and that may just be the secret to my longevity!


4 thoughts on “All the Sevens

  1. Happy Birthday, Jack! You’re doing all right longevity things. Keep up the good work. The world needs you–as well as Wendy!

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