The Book to get you through COVID 19 quarantine: Parker Bauman’s TINY RIGHTEOUS ACTS

My friend Parker is an immigration rights attorney who recently wrote a fictionalized account of her experiences. This is her blurb and information. If you’re looking for something to do inside over the next week, you can download her book easily from the usual suspects.

CORRECTED full cover traAfter years of witnessing horrors inflicted upon women fleeing abuse in their home countries, human rights attorney Charlotte “Lottie” Fornea is approaching burnout at warp speed. Sure, she could do therapy, but the need to do something more burns like acid in her soul.


Her self-prescribed remedy is as dangerous as it is simple. Form a low-profile little nonprofit, and use its financial support to wreak high-profile humiliation upon those who shield themselves behind five thousand years of male-dominated baloney.


On the strength of her convictions and her faith, Lottie quietly slips in and out of her targets’ countries, each success filling her with fierce enjoyment…until a slight mishap in Afghanistan brings her in close contact with co-conspirator Ishmael Mahmud, a man as unforgettable as he is mysterious.


Escaping unscathed is no reason to draw a sigh of relief. She’s getting anonymous threats…and no good tidings of justice served will protect her when the stalker chooses to strike.

A link to GOOGLE BOOKS for Bauman’s:


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