In and Out – and Again – –

Jack’s Wednesday guest post – –

I’ve been pondering about the ways we are being affected by the lock-down.

With time on my hands I’ve been posting more on Facebook and noticed that, even with non-political posts, it’s very easy to get sucked into being far too sensitive. For instance I’ve been taking part in the ten favorite albums challenge and got involved in a small dispute about the provenance of one. There was a bit of to and fro but it was all sorted by everyone putting smiley emogees beside their posts. I was impressed by how everyone drew back and sorted it out.

Just before I started to write this I saw a post from a friend that simply gave some information about the plan in place here in Virginia to confront the virus. The first response was from someone who was obviously a friend of hers describing Governor Northam as “Hitler”. I was very impressed when she completely ignored the comment but instead reached out with an offer to connect him with a photo competition. So another way to avoid easy confrontation (that one would have been very hard for me!).

Wendy is in a different situation though. She is emailing and phoning all over the place and sitting in the middle of a web of suppliers and recipients of hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and all manner of PPE. These folk and she are all under tremendous pressure and that, of course, is when misunderstandings arise and patience can be tested. But again, sitting back and breathing slowly has proven effective for everyone involved.

So, if there’s a message from these observations, it’s probably that counting to ten, and not going with your first instinct is probably your best response!

I hope that will continue to be the case when this eventually passes – – –

4 thoughts on “In and Out – and Again – –

  1. Jack, that’s exactly why I will no longer join these lists – there’s always somebody who uses the opp to rant on politics and/or religion.

    Sorry, I hope you have a good time with it, but no thanks.

    Audrey M.

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