Compliments to the Chef

Jack has been busy with some construction, so of course his guest post is late –

One of the things we’ve been brushing up on during the last year is our culinary skills. I’ve been expanding my range of meals while Wendy taught herself to pressure can. We purchased a new toaster oven that doubles as an air fryer so with that plus our trusty slow cooker crock pot and the pressure canner we set out on our taste adventures.

Air frying is a fast, clean and healthier alternative to deep frying, which is what I’ve usually done in the past. It’s really a small convection oven with a fan to distribute the hot air and very little oil is needed.

Wendy became an expert at sourcing vegetables in bulk from local farms, and after distributing them to local foodbanks, non-profits and the ‘pay it forward’ café we had loads of stuff left to be canned for ourselves. The only problem we’ve had is where to safely store the jars where they would be cool and safe from our cats. We have lots of potatoes, mushrooms, tomato sauce, curry sauce, beans and onions stashed away in every nook and cranny!

During the pandemic and before we were vaccinated we avoided going to grocery stores as a great many people there were either un-masked or wearing them round their chin. So we concentrated on using our stocks of veggies and meat or fish from the freezer.

Another safe source of protein is thanks to our four chickens and their egg laying proficiency. They give us so many that we’ve been able supply friends and neighbors as well.

So, with a limited range of ingredients I’ve been scouring the internet for interesting and different recipes – 101 things to make with potatoes or what to make with potatoes, mushrooms and onions. It’s been an enjoyable journey and I suspect that when things get back to ‘normal’ our approach to cooking will have changed permanently. My main specialty before was curry, but now I can add many more, just so long as it includes potatoes, mushrooms, onions and beans!

Bon Appetit – – –

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