Standing Room Only – –

Jack makes it on time for his Wednesday blog post – –

Wendy is attending a conference in Albuquerque and I went along too for a rare vacation.

I booked our flights to and from Knoxville airport and found that the most convenient schedule was with ‘Frontier Airlines’ which just involved a two-hour layover in Denver. The flights were fairly cheap but that was where things got interesting.

After booking the flights I discovered that the seats (any seats) were extra, and so was a carry-on bag. There would be (limited) snacks and drinks available but also with an extra charge! Seats were allocated at check-in and couldn’t be chosen beforehand.

The airline uses Airbus 320 planes which are more or less equivalent to Boeing 737s and I had flown in them a number of times in the past. However, when we boarded for the five-hour flight to Denver I was dismayed to see that the seats were thin, hard and non-reclining. The customary screen wasn’t on the back of the seat in front or hanging from the ceiling, so no entertainment or info on the flight progress.

By the time we reached Denver my legs were stiff and my bum was sore!

The onward flight to Albuquerque was in an identical Airbus but more bearable as it was only two hours long.

I remarked to Wendy that Airbus was a very appropriate name – almost like the Greyhound Bus of the air.

We were almost the only people wearing masks at the airports or on the planes – –

Our return flight will be with American Airlines so it will be interesting to compare and contrast!

1 thought on “Standing Room Only – –

  1. All of your experience and more are reasons we don’t fly anymore – on ANY airline if we can possibly get there by Amtrak! Even going by car is preferable to flying anymore.

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