The Road and the Miles to – – Knoxville

Jack gets in over the wire with plenty to spare for a change –

For most of my life, living in Scotland, a long car drive took an hour and if it took two hours that was a very long drive and would require sandwiches and a thermos of tea. Scotland is a small country!

Now that I’m living in the US I’ve had to re-calibrate. A short drive is two hours and a long one can be as much as eight or ten. The US is a big country!

We visited friends Dirk and Martha in South Carolina last weekend and that meant a four hour drive down and the same back, although we did take a break at ‘Frugal McDoogals’ on the way down to stock up on cheap alcoholic bevvies.

Are we going home now?

Wendy had taken our dog Bruce down to stay with her parents a few days earlier. They live outside Knoxville Tennessee, so that was a three hour trip for her. When it was time for him to come home yesterday I drew the short straw. So I left home at eight in the morning, arrived at eleven thirty, stayed for an hour then headed back. On the way home and just outside Knoxville a semi (artic for my Scots friends) had overturned into the side culvert and burned so a lane was closed for miles while it was dealt with. That added half an hour onto my time.

I was so tired on the last ten miles that I could hardly keep my eyes open and ran a red light coming into town!

I worked out later that in the seven and a half hours I had driven I could have flown to Scotland.

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