A Man’s a Man for A’ that – –

Jack should probably have met his Wednesday deadline, but – – –

As a not so loyal subject I should probably say something about the demise of my Monarch.

She was not only Queen of England and the Commonwealth, but also Queen of Scots. There’s a subtle difference there! She ruled England as head of the nation and head of the Church, however she ruled Scotland with the permission of the people. They had the right to appoint someone else in her place according to the Declaration of Arbroath.

So if I had been put in her place by dint of who’s bed I was born in then I suppose I’d have done the same as her and accepted a life of incredible luxury and also showered the same on my extended family. I mean who wouldn’t? Certainly not King Charles III.

All of that aside my real problem is that the family stand at the top of a class pyramid with everyone else allotted their proper place depending on which bed they were born in or how much they donated to the ruling party of the day. There’s a hidden establishment that controls how the UK works and who benefits and it uses the Royals, the media, the judges and Parliament ruthlessly to keep their power and wealth.

I expect a massive ‘flag-fest’ over the next few months from the BBC and I’ll try not to watch!

I don’t suppose the picture of her giving the Nazi salute will be shown very much – –

1 thought on “A Man’s a Man for A’ that – –

  1. Nicely put but I thought when I saw all the people on the High Street with their mobile phones raised, to photograph the hearse, it did look like a Nazi salute.

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