Gonna Have a Tea Party – –

Jack fumbles again and comes in a day late which is not unusual –

I’m heading to Boston tomorrow for a week of shenanigans with friends and will be flying into Logan

The first time I did this a long time ago I flew there from Scotland ahead of a slew of gigs up in Maine. I was picked up by my good friends Wane and Jean and we headed north on what I remember as a highway with at least eight lanes. I’d seen nothing like that before! Then we started getting passed by enormous trucks – much bigger than any I’d seen before. My companions described them as ‘sem –eyes’ – never heard that before either. The next revelation was passing a very large warehouse type building with a sign on it saying ‘HELP WANTED’. I suggested that maybe we should stop and try to rescue whoever was trapped or maybe call the police? They laughed!

The last time I did that trip was with my old musical buddy George and, at the end of our tour, we got a bus from Portland down to Logan. We were on separate flights leaving around the same time and our bus got caught up in heavy traffic, so we arrived to check in as the desks were closing. We were both put on stand-by lists and poor George didn’t get a seat on his flight so was stuck in the airport for 24 hours! I was much luckier and got the last available seat on my plane which happened to be first class. The only time in my life I’ve flown first class and it didn’t cost any extra!

This time should be a lot simpler although I’ll be flying out of Asheville NC at six in the morning – –

Sadly Wendy can’t go as she has work commitments, however it does mean I can glut on all the seafood that would make her severely ill. I can stuff myself on lobster and crab.

Back in the 1970s a popular Scottish band – The Sensational Alex Harvey Band wrote and recorded a song called ‘The Boston Tea Party’, which I always thought was code for a party of a different kind. But I just had a listen to this and was disappointed when it turned out to be only telling the story of the historical incident

Boston tea party

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