A Tale of Two Bottles or More – –

Jack almost gets in on time – – –

I suffer from an occasional bout of gout (is that a Haiku?).

It first happened about ten years ago and I didn’t know what had happened to my toe. At that time, living in Big Stone Gap, I had regular sessions with the great Doctor Teri Dunton to keep my bones in order. Also then I had a serious issue with sciatica. Teri advised me to keep my bulging wallet out of my hip pocket and that solved that.

I had been hirpling (a great Scots word) with two walking problems and using a walking stick to get around!

Teri also advised cherry juice for the gout and it worked – –

What have I learned from all this?

1 – don’t add the only two bottles of cherry juice in the house to your wine mixture.

2 – carry a cane and hirple when you’re flying anywhere and you’ll get to board first.

3 – always have a spare bottle of cherry juice around somewhere.

4 – avoid shrimp, mushrooms, smoking and alcohol – hang on a doggone minute  – – –

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