Of Cats and Men

Jack apologizes for missing the last couple of weeks’

It wasn’t a hangover from Hogmanay but just that lots of other things were happening.

We have a few ‘neighborhood’ cats that hang around our house and last week one of them wound up in a tree in the yard because our dog, Bruce, chased it. So Wendy called the local animal control guy who arrived in his police car and all kitted out (including his gun). By the time he came the cat had come down again, but the guy came back later with a trap so we could get all the cats caught, neutered and released.

After figuring out how to set the trap and phoning our local vet, we arranged to start the collecting this morning.

But yesterday is when a work gang arrived in the street to start replacing power poles.

This morning they began on the one directly across the street.

So our power is off and there’s no internet for at least a couple of hours, and I can write this tale of woe!

I’m pretty sure I won’t be trapping any cats today – –

But it is fascinating watching the workers changing out the pole with at least ten different cables slung on it – power, telephone etc.

They’re not Wichita linemen but pretty close – –

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