Cats and Dogs

Jack makes it in time again –

We look after cats with feline leukemia, which means that often (but not always) they have short lives. Their immune systems are severely compromised so if they catch an infection they can’t fight it. Of course, with the help of our knowledgeable friends and wonderful vets we do the best we can, but the time inevitably comes eventually. While healthy cats usually live for fifteen or even twenty years. Ours generally last about four or five at best.

They usually get it because they’ve been dumped and get in a fight with another cat that already has FELV.

So we give them the best we can while they are still here – – –

Then a gentle ride over the rainbow bridge – – –

We cry and then take in the next two or three – – –

Our latest are Momma and Susie. Momma rolled up her sleeves and decided the whole place needed sorted out, while Susie hid under our bed. Our resident, Molly, had assumed she would now be the solitary cat and was very happy with that, and then met Momma!

Susie & Bruce

Meanwhile Susie emerged and saw our big dog Bruce and decided he was her Dad. She waited until he laid down in his bed (where he spends of his time) and then snuggled in beside him. She didn’t know that if any cat gets in his bed before he does he goes elsewhere, so she often waits in vain. But she’s learning!

So here we are, after losing many over the last fifteen years, adjusting (along with Bruce and Molly) to a new domestic arrangement.

Onwards and upwards – – –

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