Menu, Sir?

Jack just gets over the line – –

This has been a fraught kind of week –

We have had three different things going on – Buying a new car, trying to sort out problems with our Scottish bank account and transferring my teacher pension payments to our American bank account.

The main problem is that I needed to phone Scotland for the last two but my phone doesn’t do international calls unless you buy an additional $10 card. I did but it didn’t work and they don’t do refunds! We also wasted hours trying to get help to no avail!!

Straight Talk are cheap and fine for calls in the US but they are useless for anything else.

So I drove down to a friend in North Carolina, stayed with them overnight and used his phone yesterday morning. The pension change took just fifteen minutes and was easy. The bank problem took two hours being constantly cut off and having to go back in and go through the interminable menu over again. Each time a different person, so the whole rigmarole over again too. Finally, we got an explanation and this morning we may have finally made some progress on-line.

Of course the four-hour time difference didn’t help although it moves to five hours again next week – –

But the car is great and that’s a relief.

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