The Monday Book: AN ALTAR IN THE WORLD: A GEOGRAPHY OF FAITH by Barbara Brown Taylor

This week’s Monday book comes courtesy of Janelle Bailey, literacy educator and retired shopsitter from The Little Bookstore. Thanks Janelle!

I picked up this book for a book study at church, and I thoroughly enjoyed both reading this book–and its becoming of a devotional study for me–and the virtual book study with some great people from Peace whom I haven’t seen in person for more than a year but definitely enjoyed seeing this way and sharing our thoughts about this book.
Taylor does a wonderful job writing in such a manner to prompt individual and personal reflection on the part of the reader, demanding that I annotate (she didn’t direct that, but my thoughts about her written words demanded that interaction of me!) the book fully. I so enjoyed all of the places she took me during this reading, literal places of my faith but also “places” in my own personal history, to retrieve connections to ideas she developed.
Reading the book was wholly satisfying and solidifying in my own sabbath celebration and prayerful practices…and also inspired me to initiate some new ones. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to get in touch with their own faith. And I’d love to get a cup of tea together and talk about this book with any of you, too!