If you’re interested in running the Shop….

Hi everyone interested in running the shop: We appreciate the unexpectedly massive interest & are sorry we can’t respond to each person who posted. We’re looking for someone Sept. 20-Nov. 20. If those dates work, please send your experience cleaning litter boxes, history with books, proof that you are nice but not a pushover, and what you would do if you were suddenly called away from Big Stone for an emergency. Send to jbeck69087@aol.com, along with any questions you have for us. We need these by Friday night, Sept. 7 and we’ll be contacting people Monday 10th so please leave details of how we can do that.

Be sure to visit the Virtual Tour found in Bookshop Videos; it gives you a sense of the shop.


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2 responses to “If you’re interested in running the Shop….

  1. Marianne Åhlander

    I would love to go to USA for two month and take care of your book store and your cats.
    Booklover, yes!
    Used to cats, well not all that much. We used to have cats when I was a child.
    Shop experience, yes!
    Knowledge of litterature, yes!
    So – if you like to have a middle age Swede looking after your shop and home, here I am.
    I speak English, of course with an accent.
    Write English with som spelling and grammar errors

    • We appreciate the interest but we can’t do the international paperwork. But if you happen to be in the States, come look us up! And next time we’re in Sweden, we’ll do the same. ;]

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