Caption Contest VI (closes Sept. 10)

Okay, your favorite thing! Caption Contest VI is the last but one in our seven-contest series sponsored by St. Martin’s Press. Winner gets a free book (the one I wrote, although if you really wanted a different one we could probably find it for you. We’re a bookshop, after all.)

Put your caption under comments, keep ’em family-friendly, and have fun! (Oh, and please make sure we have a way to find you if we win; we can’t find “SAL,” who won caption contest V.)


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22 responses to “Caption Contest VI (closes Sept. 10)

  1. I pray you, let none of your people stir me: I have an exposition of sleep come upon me…..


  2. Midsummer, Midwinter, Midspring, Midfall,
    Midmorning, Midafternoon, Midnight…
    I dream through them all

  3. Kate Griffith

    ‘Ah to sleep, to prechants to dream’, with apologies to the Bard!

  4. Tamra Igo

    To heck with the contest – I just love the picture!

  5. Kylee

    “To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay! There’s the belly rub.”

  6. Eva

    Give me a soft chair by the fire and a good book to lull me to sleep.

  7. Sandy R.

    Sweet! Sweet! Slumber, do not disturb thee…….Or I will throw a book at you!

  8. Carlie H

    Dream a little dream with me!

  9. After running out of coffee at around midnight, Cynthia was unable to finish her all-nighter and would sleep through her 9:00 Shakespeare midterm. Her Mom was going to kill her.

  10. leela

    Life is but a dream

  11. Midsummer night’s dream? No thanks, but I will take a midsummer day’s dream.

  12. Callie the flower

    Reading Shakespeare felt like finishing a can of tuna, and made her feel full, satisfied, and a little sleepy.

  13. “Boy, is he gonna be surprised when he wakes up with a donkey’s head!”

  14. Course reading assignment complete. Lab experiment in progress.

  15. Not a mouse shall disturb this hallowed house…

  16. Theresa Ackerson

    Dreams are the first step into reality! But you already knew that.

  17. Kylee… great! All I could think of is: “run, little mousie, but thou shalt not escape this fairy Puckkitty..”

  18. Four paws will quickly steep themselves in plights;
    Four frights will quickly dream away the crime

    joystory AT gmail DOT com

  19. Jeez…All I want is a nap and I’m stuck with this stupid book.

  20. Kathleen Heger

    “Ooh dreamweaver…I believe we can make it through the night.”

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