(updated) Young Pup Literary Critic Savages Author’s Latest Work

a note from Jack: We normally put a blog up on Saturdays, but we’re waiting until Sunday today, for two reasons:

1) there’s been an outpouring of sympathy over the latest review of Wendy’s book (see below) and we want everyone to have a chance to weigh in; and

2) we are doing a Scottish festival this weekend and have time off Sunday, but not Saturday. So we’ll fill you in on the fun Sunday. Meanwhile, if you can add any puns to the report below…. well, you’d not be barking up the wrong tree!


My editor Nichole sent her friend Laura Yorke, who happens to be a literary agent, a copy of my book, just for Laura to have something to read on vacation. Laura has a new puppy at home. The rest, as they say, is history.

excerpt from CRITICS DIGEST—NYC, NY 25 Jan. 2013

In one of the most brutal attacks yet witnessed in the NYC literary scene, a young agent sank his teeth into a first-time author’s work and left no sentence unshredded.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve had in ages,” barked the agent. “Absolutely tasteless. Made my hackles rise.

“He just ripped it to pieces,” said Laura Yorke, another agent who witnessed the reviewer at work. “Page by page, he tore through the whole thing with such obvious glee. I mean, he was practically frothing at the mouth.

The agent in question is just a young pup on the scene, but has already developed quite a reputation regarding his keen nose for writing–not to mention his signature tooth-and-claw style. No doubt he will work many more writers over in this spineless fashion.

The author could not be reached for comment, but her husband said two bottles of red wine were missing from the liquor cabinet, and their bathroom door was locked from the inside.


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3 responses to “(updated) Young Pup Literary Critic Savages Author’s Latest Work

  1. Janice Brooks-Headrick

    My sister was drooling over a signed first edition of a series we were both reading. I’d pre-ordered, paying RETAIL. I owed her, big time, so the only gracious thing to do was lend it to her. Her dog ate it. I got the dust jacket back, with replacement 1st ed, no signature. She said the dog loved it, it tasted like me.

  2. I had a mystery I intended to read but got destroyed in a flooded wash room (don’t ask), I found another copy via closeout bin at a grocery store of all places and last year the new one-year old dog ate it before I could get to it. I’m not apparently intended to read said book. BTW, I’m currently reading yours and have recommended to my mom.

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