Raffle THIS!

It takes quite a bit to make me angry. Really. Jack and I have developed an even-keeled, let it flow quality of life that we enjoy.

But if you DO want to make me mad, take some decent, kind-hearted people seeking to do good in their community, pit them against a corporation in the same community sucking the economic lifeblood out of it, and throw in some condescending rudeness.

That’s pretty much guaranteed to work.

elissa kissing dachshundMy friend Elissa (yeah, the one who shoots kittens and paraplegic puppies) is spearheading a raffle for IN HIS HANDS SMALL ANIMAL RESCUE. Elissa currently has several fosters for IHH, including Hope, a dachshund who needs a cart because her back legs are paralyzed.

Unsuspecting, good-hearted Elissa went to Walmart the other day, and–crivens jings–left her door unlocked. When she returned, her glove box had been rifled, her seats moved, and the bag containing $40 and the stubs of raffle tickets she’d sold were missing.

She called Walmart and asked to see the video tape of the cameras they have in the parking lot, and told us the manager on the phone informed her that they didn’t want their customers alarmed with rumors of parking lot thefts, and why hadn’t she locked her car, rather than invite this type of crime?

So customer-minded. One can see clearly how much Walmart cares. They don’t want to upset anyone. Except the lady on the phone whose car was burgled. the bag

The bag was turned in to the front desk of Walmart, sans money. The money has been made up by local people who hate that this happened–and who don’t plan on shopping at the Norton, VA Walmart any more. The security tape has been appropriated by the police, who are investigating the theft.

And the raffle is going forward. This is Buddy, our cleaning lady Heather’s dog. Buddy is from IHH, and Elissa found him for Heather. He’s really quite something, as you can see. Buddy

If you’re not in the area but would like to participate in the raffle, send a $5 check per ticket and the name and contact details for the person you want the ticket for. The iPad will be raffled once 450 tickets are sold. I think they were at 220 when the theft occurred. You can send raffle purchases here to the bookstore, and we’ll hold your half of the stub here. We’ll notify everyone of the winner by blog, and Hope will get her cart. And, hopefully, Walmart will get a clue.

The address is Tales of the Lonesome Pine Used Books, 404 Clinton Ave E, Big Stone Gap, VA 24219. Thanks, y’all.


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4 responses to “Raffle THIS!

  1. Elissa

    Thank you, Wendy.
    I might add I’d like to send a shout-out to Norton City Police for taking the theft seriously and investigating it for us. It may have only been $40-50, but it was a breaking and entering and theft from a charity, regardless.

    I only wanted to report the incident to Walmart because if incidents aren’t reported, how will they know if this is a regular thing on their property – and that’s exactly what I told them. At the time it didn’t dawn on me the tickets had been stolen, so I was just reporting an incident. Very unfortunate that he implied I was trying to hold Walmart responsible.

  2. Here’s a “rollback” idea, Wal-Mart: revisit the time of ‘the customer is always right’ and respect for the individuals you serve is the true priceless commodity.

  3. Destiny

    My understanding is this isn’t the first time Walmart has behaved this way, though it may be the first for this Walmart. The cameras in the parking lot exist to keep unions out, not to catch criminals. I assume the police had the authority to apprehend something that can be used as evidence.

  4. Donna Chapman

    Yesterday I went to a school to take a little boy who had been in my kindergarten class and moved to a foster home and another school a quilt and scrapbook I had made for him…..they wouldn’t take him out of class for me to give it to him. It made me feel like y’all are feeling….you try to help and some scumbag takes your joy.

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