Book Poetry Before Bed

DSCN0016 Book title poetry: it’s fun, and easy when you have a few thousand books at your disposal.

Not in the mood for a Netflix night but also not ready for bed, Jack and I cobbled together a few fun flings of book haiku. Read ’em and weep–or laugh, or go “Hunh?” We did, several times! Click on the thumbnails to see what we came up with.

DSCN0020If you enjoy this kind of thing, feel free to post photos of your book title poetry to our bookstore Facebook page, Tales of the Lonesome Pine. We have to approve photos so it make take a day or two before you see them.

DSCN0017Don’t forget to enter the 100,000 likes contest on this blog. Scroll back to Saturday past and leave your entry!


             DSCN0022THANK YOU to Claire from Bethesda; Laurie from Cheverly, MD; Eileen and Joe from Sparta; Nancy from New Milford, PA; and Valerie from Hillsboro, OR for the postcards!DSCN0019

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