The Short but Sweet Bucket List

us singingDriving out here to Colorado so Jack could attend the Prison Visiting Service Conference, he and I had a lot of fun talking with people in Illinois and Kansas bookstores on the way.

We met up with some dear old friends like Stacie and Bruce (BSR Used Books) and LuAnn (Afterwords) and Hilda (Book Medley) plus met new ones (Anita at Al’s Old Books) and people who came to the events and chatted afterward at the hosting shops. At both talks the conversations turned to dreams, unfulfilled and sometimes unrecognized. We talked about what people want from life, and how they get it, and what they trade for it.

After the second talk,  Jack and I were careening across Kansas at its very interesting speed limit of 75 mph (you kind of have to drive that fast to stay awake on those long, long flat roads) and I asked him, “Do you have any dreams you haven’t fulfilled yet?”

He considered the question, then said, “I would really like to match all my black socks correctly before I die.”

And this just proves what I’ve known for so long: my husband is a good, honest, sweetheart of a man. When Jack works, he works hard; when he plays, he plays well (mostly in D, but also G, C and F) and when he sits, he falls asleep. Like Dumbledore of Harry Potter fame, when my husband looks into the Mirror of Desire, he sees socks: matching black socks.

He turned the tables. “How about you?”

I didn’t have to think about it. “Just once, I would like to use a tube of chap stick all the way to the bottom. I don’t know anyone who’s done that.”

Sure, we all have big dreams, grand schemes, great hopes and aspirations. But we also have the little heartbeat stuff that keeps us getting out of bed every day. And makes the little moments sweet and fun while we’re working on the big stuff.


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6 responses to “The Short but Sweet Bucket List

  1. afterwordsbooks

    Me, me, me! I’ve actually used that tube of chap stick in its entirety. Of course, I am an addict, I have a tube in my bag, in the cash drawer at the shop, in every room of the house, in the car…seriously. This post was just so charming….imagine being so content, dare I say, happy with life, that such tiny dreams are left to discover. Be certain I’m not dismissing the challenge of matching the above mentioned socks, but hardly a tough nut to crack to the likes of a big dreamer such as Jack! Thank you again so much for your visit…everyone had such a wonderful time and my girls made fun of me for being so excited about meeting you, especially after telling them that you were the total rock stars in person that I had imagined. The world is a better place with Wendy and Jack in it!

  2. I agree completely with LuAnn of Afterwords. I was so excited to meet the two of you and I came away with all expectations met. What a joy. Wouldn’t every community be blessed to have you as part of it! The singing being done in this picture was great. I am sure both of you have entertained numerous groups with this but you still put your hearts into it as if we were the first ones to hear it. Thank you. There is another picture showing Jack leaned over smiling and you have your arm along his neck. I’m sure you have heard each other’s remarks many, many times but that picture shows you still enjoy each other’s company and complement each other. Maybe that is why all of it works so well and perhaps it is also because the both of you are such nice people. Thanks again from Kansas! — Hilda,

  3. Gary Wilder

    Hello Wendy, I met you at the Southern Festival a couple of weeks ago. My son had you sign my copy while I was in line at another location. I enjoy your postings. Have you visited Elder’s Bookstore in Nashville. If not, you might want to on your next pass through Nashville. The first thing I do when I enter the front door is take a deep breath….a classic smell of experienced books…the only rival is my library with the heat on in Winter. Warmest regards, Gary Wilder, Red Boiling Springs, TN

    • I don’t remember Elder’s but we went to three in Nashville so maybe I have been and don’t have the right name. Anyway, lovely to meet you at SFotB and I still think your town name is very intriguing.

  4. Anne

    Wendy and Jack this is why we love you two so much,you both are just wonderful…

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