Samantha Charles guest blogs on her novel REDEMPTION

We get many review requests from regional authors, and as a bookstore and book blog want to support all forms of publishing and creativity in today’s strange marketplace. (Read: the stigma of self-publishing is dead; everybody likes a good story; huzzah for regional authors.) Offering a guest blog rather than a review seems the simplest way to give that support.

Meet Samantha Charles, whose book REDEMPTION came out recently from Black Rose Publishing, who in her own words explains:charles

Redemption is a work of contemporary women’s fiction inspired by the courage of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, and infused with the elements of mystery and romance found in the works of Sandra Brown. The quaint hospitable charm of the setting gives the work a distinctive southern voice, yet the timbre lacks the cultured polish of the Low Country cadence found in Anne River Siddons work.

Like my protagonist Lindy, I grew up as a Southern minister’s daughter in a slow-paced coal mining community in Virginia. Lindy and I have had similar experiences. Stephen King once said, “Fiction is the truth inside the lie.” You could say Lindy and I share many truths.

Throughout all the plot twists and changes, the ending of Redemption never deviated from my original version. Once the story reached a natural conclusion to the action, I simply stopped writing.

After several years spent in creative Heaven, and a few more spent in the fires of editing Hell, Redemption has become a piece of fiction that I am proud to share with you. I sincerely hope that you all enjoy your time in Parson’s Gap. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to your readers. I am grateful for the time you’ve all invested in learning more about me, and my work.

Samantha Charles is a native of the Southeastern United States. As a writer, she enjoys sharing the rich, diverse, and sometimes dark, traditional heritage of the Appalachian Mountains. Samantha’s debut novel Redemption is the first of a series set in Parson’s Gap; a small coal-mining community inspired by the people and places she grew to love as a child. Her work explores the social and cultural issues, both good and bad, that permeate the southern region she calls home. When she is not busy creating new worlds, she teaches English at a local college. Currently, she is hard at work on Salvation, the sequel to Redemption.

For more information on Black Rose, you can visit their website at or the AW author forum:


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  1. Wendy, Thank you so much for introducing my work to your readers.
    Samantha Charles

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