Rambling Boy



In Jack’s weekly guest blog he ruminates on the season –

Now that the weather has turned into something akin to Spring, Wendy and I have got back into going for a ramble round the neighborhood of an evening lately. It’s lovely to see everything looking green and coming back to life.

Part of our meanderings have taken us along the greenbelt path alongside the river and we were surprised and delighted to see how it had been upgraded with new fencing, lighting and signage. As we were overtaken by joggers, families on bicycles and passed by fishing folks, I couldn’t help thinking how much this would appeal to visitors to the town.

Those visitors, more and more, are coming here because of reading Wendy’s book – book-clubs, reading groups and individuals. As we get into traveling weather, I’m sure this will only increase. The latest messages we got were from readers in Portugal who have suggested a specially chartered plane!

But, of course, as we wandered along we noticed another colorful display – yard signs for candidates in the forthcoming Town Council election (I’m one of them).

Never having been a candidate in any election in my life and coming originally from a place that doesn’t ‘do’ yard signs I wasn’t too sure where you were allowed to put them, so tried to play safe. Front yards of folk I asked first and places that looked as if they were simply ‘common ground’. Imagine our surprise when we noticed that three signs I’d put out had disappeared! Not just blown away in the wind (my first assumption) because in two cases the wire frames were still there – somebody had gone to the trouble of removing the board from the frame.

I can only surmise that this election is more competitive than I first imagined!

Regardless who gets elected – if enough people get out and vote then we’ll get a Council that truly reflects the wishes of the local folk and if the Town continues with its downtown revitalization work we’ll have something our visitors can really savor.


4 thoughts on “Rambling Boy

  1. You’ll find a few of your signs this weekend, pasted over and used for ‘yard sale signs’. That was my experience as a candidate in 6 elections. Some folks ask you for one and have ulterior motives. Enjoy your virgin tour, Jack; you won’t be a political neophyte for very long. BTW, when folks tell you to ‘break a leg’ in politics, it doesn’t mean the same thing it does in the theatre biz.

    • Maybe they still have good frames from the last election. I have caught teens trying to steal my signs. I asked them what they intended to do with them and they said “hang them on the wall in my room.” I have seen multiple teens in a car stop quickly, dash to grab the sign and leave the frames. It is much faster to just take the sign and leave the frame. Apparently the want a complete ‘collection’ so their room looks like election headquarters. Surprisingly, not as many opponents take the signs as we suspect.

  2. Hope you win! I had the privilege of two years on the city council where I live, 1980-82. A high point. Revitalization? Be careful. New construction or reconstruction means higher rent. My theory is that the used-book business requires cheap real estate. I once talked to owner of a huge shop in Boston (Brattle?), who said he had been urban-renewed three times. There are people here whose preference is boutiques, not the present antique shops. Best,
    Don Ramsey, All Books Considered, Kensington MD

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