snow road I can’t really settle into a book review this week because, well, snow happened. So I offer instead a set of shots showing what happened in Wise County this week, and hope you are all weathering the weather wherever you are, whether or not it’s bad weather.

snow day 004 snow day 005  height snow day 008 fosters in snow 039 snow 1  mosq snow 4






snow 3


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6 responses to “THE MONDAY SNOWSTORM by Mother Nature

  1. gamma3b2003

    Love the snowman. We are in Missouri. Lots of cold, not so much snow. Hope you are enjoying it and staying warm

    From Kay


  2. Kerri Albertson

    Is the snowman playing harmonica?

    • No. We actually thought he was a vampire with fangs and a stake through the heart, but turns out his smile had fallen and he’s a preacher with a Bible and a cross. Ooops. He did look diabolical with the fang-smile….. :/

  3. As I buried myself in the tales of your shop, Mother Nature was burying me in snow piles and sub-zero temperatures. As I checked out your blog, I discovered that you are surrounded today by the same sort of weather. If travel was still in my lifestyle, I’d jump in my little red car and drive down to meet you two and your shop and your town… and your snowman! Rose Moore of northeast Ohio

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