The Monday Book: THE COMFORT OF LIES by Randy Susan Myers

This book was in a “Free books” bin at Asheville Public Library. I’d liked her earlier book The Murderer’s Daughters so snagged it. This one is bigger in its character list and plot maneuvers, but like her others, character drives plot. Which is cool.

The two couples and the birth mom/floater in this book are really well drawn. You know them. And you can kind of guess what they’re going to do, but reading how they do it goes from heartbreaking to yelling at the pages “NO DON’T” to laughing because it’s just so funny, what they say as they screw up their own lives.

Dark comedy, or the comedy of human errors, maybe. The premise is that married man Nathan has an affair with Tia, then goes back to his wife. Tia adopts out the resultant daughter, but Nathan’s wife finds out when she opens a letter addressed to her husband. And then finds the adoptive parents, and it just goes kablooey from there. This is a finely chiseled portrait of marriages falling apart and people making choices based on very real issues, some of them rather like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

If you like the genre of fiction Brits call “aga saga,” literate portraits of families and people teetering at the edge of crisis, you’ll love The Comfort of Lies.

2 thoughts on “The Monday Book: THE COMFORT OF LIES by Randy Susan Myers

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I just finished your “Little Bookstore” book (thanks to our town library), turned the last page, and saw your blog listed on the back cover — so of course, I immediately clicked over here.:) I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed the book — I’m one of those crazy people who has always dreamed of having my own little bookstore, complete with coffee, tea, homemade pastries, and knitting projects to share. I live in a tiny town outside Portland, OR so coffee is a must for pretty much any small business. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to share your bookstore journey! I enjoyed every moment of my time in your pages — I only wish that I could visit it in person…

    with gratitude,

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