Laura and the Badlands

Badlands 001.JPGJack and I left Sioux Falls this morning after stocking up at the farmer’s market, and meandered off the beaten path to visit the Laura Ingalls Homestead in DeSmet. Bit of a tourist trap, but we enjoyed the interpretive video and then stopped for lunch in town, saw a couple of the original stores and the house where they wintered when they first went to Silver Lake.

Eschewing the highway we struck out on Highway 14 through Pierre and down into Wall. (No, we did NOT visit the drug store that had signs every mile for 96 miles.) We reached the Badlands just as a storm was brewing. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life, and I’ve seen a fair few beautiful things.

So here are the photos, because sometimes we used words and sometimes we use pictures.

Badlands 126

We saw two different herds of sheep, including one with babies. They seemed to like the rain.

Badlands 047

I’m pretty sure he thought we couldn’t see him.Badlands 119The colors after the storm were amazing. South Dakota is full of different layers of color. In the Appalachians, we have hues of blue and green in the Smoky Mountain layers, but out here it’s some unexpected color combinations.

Badlands 101Jack said it looked like a moonscape.

Badlands 098

After the storm



During the stormBadlands 077

I couldn’t help wondering if the blanket patterns you see on indigenous people’s handiwork were inspired by these lines.


Badlands 014

Badlands 030

The storm rolling away

Badlands 038


Badlands 117

Today was the first time we didn’t see people with their phones out hunting Pokemons. Whether there were any in there or not, they were second to the Badlands’ beauty.

Badlands 017




4 thoughts on “Laura and the Badlands

  1. Gosh. Some of those photos look like neo-realist paintings. I can’t even imagine what those places looked like in real life!

  2. beautiful photos….thank you for sharing! All that strata in the Badlands is nature’s history book. if you have a roadside geology book you will be amazed at what is revealed in those layers, the stories of thousands of years just for the looking. A most interesting part of the nation! What a great adventure you are having!

  3. thanks for the great photos! Been some years since I was there but remember it was unexpectedly beautiful! Going to have to hunt out my photos! Enjoy and be safe!

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