Black Bears in the Black Hills

We’re traveling across Wyoming today. These bears were NOT traveling across Wyoming, but at Bear Country, back in South Dakota. It’s a glorified zoo, but the bears literally walk up to your car and stare at you. They’re swapping license plate sightings or something, probably steal hubcabs when the owners aren’t looking. I’ve rarely seen bears this close, except at that garbage dump in Appalachia. :]

Bear Country 082Think about itBear Country 084

Bear Country 092

Bear Country 094

Bear Country 108

Three feet from the car – check the video on my FB timeline for when he got two inches from the car.

Bear Country 112


Bear Country 113


Union says the bears get breaks. He wasn’t waving at nobody until he’d had his cigarette.

Bear Country 116

2 thoughts on “Black Bears in the Black Hills

  1. Bear Country……My wife and I visited in 1992…..but we went to see Bartlett. In 1990 we were in Juneau Alaska to be with my Daughter when my Grand Daughter was born. The night she was born a little Black Bear Cub entered the Bartlett Memorial Hospital. It made National News at the time and little Bartlett was shipped off to Bear Country. There were dozens of little two year old Black Bears and no one knew what we were talking about…….I did write a article for the Travel Magazine for Bear Country Visitors…

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