Please Read This

In solidarity with this blog that NAILED IT about animal shelters, I am reblogging the link here. It’s not got any graphic pictures or horror stories.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and pass it on – and act on it. Bless you and yours.rickon towel

Andy Roark Animal Shelters

1 thought on “Please Read This

  1. I think the problem is people being told they can’t keep their pets, not people being told that species genocide for domestic animals is the answer. Neighborhoods NEED free-range cats to keep rats from moving to the top of the food chain (or even larger animals that attack humans when they get hungry). And no, groups funded by animal haters don’t need to be allowed to achieve a monopoly on what is, undeniably and blatantly, selling animals (on their arcane terms, not the animals’ own terms).

    I see too many good people being sucked into the clamor to expand what I saw happening in Washington, D.C. Youall definitely qualify as good people–and you don’t want to let Big Stone Gap become a RAT sanctuary like Hyattsville.

    We-as-a-society should try respecting cats–“rescuing” only those who actually need it, and putting a stop to the petnapping that’s been documented at Kingsport’s HSUS shelter. That might slow down the killing, too.

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