The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore

angelSo here’s my problem…..

I started reading this book, thinking it would be funny, I could review it for Christmas and be timely and relevant and it was short and I’d finish it quickly….

…and I didn’t like it enough to finish it. I didn’t even get to the brain-eating zombies the Angel raised when he got confused by the wishes of the wrong child to have Santa raised from the dead after he’d been whacked in the face with a shovel by a Christmas-tree-stealing do-gooder whose friend wields a broadsword.

That enough about plot summary? The plot could best be described as “smoke pot while watching HBO all night, then write.” Yeah, hilarious. Not.

What’s funny about a bunch of stereotypes slouching toward Bethlehem in an overwritten “ain’t my word use clever” streams of unmerciful-undead never ceasing?

I never read any of Moore’s other books. Tom Robbins kills me, so funny, so kooky, so Lewis Carroll on  a good day. Moore, apparently, is meant to be like him.

Still waiting to see that parallel line meet itself….

So I’m sorry to tell you that I have no Monday book because I backed the wrong horse, and didn’t have time to start over.

All I can tell you is, save yourself. If you like character driven plots, well, his characters are as thin as the paper they’re written on. His plot is driven by wild horses running away, and I’m not going to be looking for any more Moores.

Go watch Alias Grace. It’s way better and you can crochet at the same time.

7 thoughts on “The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore

  1. \Please do not take my name off of your mailing list my passion is reading playing my tuba and watching birds I sing a lot … love all animals and birds but you can keep you cat down in the little stoney Mt book store or the little Red Shed house which ever comes first. thank you for keeping your cat in the house or wearing a bell around his neck….stray/wild cast kill more song birds then any thing else have you ever read “Silent Spring”.. or the Last Dog On the Mountain ? the Last dog is great reading and is fact not fiction. As Columbo wound say “Just one more thing” “I do not read any fiction”

    my next Epistle will be all about my wife and our house….

    • Mr. Maneth, since free-range cats joined my family the wild bird population has grown every year…until some @#$% FOOL sprayed “Round-up” nearby (and contaminated the spring, and killed other animals as well as birds). I see cats catch birds now and then…but only dying birds (don’t let them out when birds are nesting where they might kill babies). POISONS are what kill birds and, sometimes, the cats that catch the dying ones.

      I grew up with cardinals singing “Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!” outside the kitchen window, and still enjoy those. It’s the same family and their song is still “Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!” (Other cardinals sing different songs.) Since the cats moved in I’ve seen many other species that I didn’t see when my parents were banning cats to protect DDT-threatened birds.

      It’s possible to love both free-range cats and songbirds, if we stand together against the POISONS that kill both of them and also harm humans.

  2. I read one of Moore’s books years ago and really enjoyed it, so I eagerly picked up a second-hand copy of another one. Like you, I gave up on it–fairly early on. I hate not finishing a book, but sometimes . . . Can’t remember the name of either, but my assessment was similar to yours.

  3. Youall already knew about Dave Barry’s Christmas book. Hard to think of anyone else who merits comparison to Lewis Carroll, or to Barry…I recently read a witty piece of conceptual fiction that I think put me off because somebody claimed it was like Douglas Adams. Funny, yes; funny like Douglas Adams, no. So I have only condolences to offer if you’re looking for a Christmas book that’s like Lewis Carroll.

    However, my Blogspot has tags for “funny” and “comedy,” both liberally used. I’d be delighted to have discovered anything the Little Bookstore doesn’t already have!

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