The Monday Blog Overhaul: Wendy finally moves on!


This cat is judging me

We moved about a year ago from our beloved Little Bookstore to our now-beloved Wytheville. The house is great, the town is friendly, the region is beautiful, the neighbors are fun and the musicians are rabble-rousers. All is as it should be. :]

Including, at last, with my blog! Updated in domain and appearance, it may take a few days to stabilize (wordpress tells me) but those of you who have been using the old domain name should be redirected. Thank you for being loyal readers these last eight years. And welcome aboard to the new ones! We’re a fun bunch.

If you have suggestions as the blog continues to upgrade during February, please let me know. I’m thinking a new banner photo, a connection to the Monday Book bibliography, and maybe some as-yet-undefined widgets? Let me know what you think.


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One response to “The Monday Blog Overhaul: Wendy finally moves on!

  1. I figured this would happen sooner or later. Good to upgrade the site to reflect your current situation. Looking forward to seeing you new format.

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