19 Ways to Kill a Virus (with apologies to Paul Simon)


This problem is not inside our heads, said the TV

The answer is easy if we self-quarantine
We must work together in our struggle to be free
There must be nineteen ways to kill a virus

She said, we must all get used to solitude
I hope this message won’t be politically misconstrued
But I’ll repeat myself at the risk of being crude
Social distance is the first way to kill a virus
Out of 19 ways to kill a virus


You stay off that beach, Cheach

Wash those hands, Stan
You don’t need a new toy, Roy
Just help us get free
Hop off that bus, Gus
You don’t need to hoard that much
Just drop that key, Lee
And help us get free

Ooh, Walmart’s no go, Mo
Make a new plan, Ann
You can cook at home, Sloan

You just listen to me

Read new a new novel, Havil

Bake some bread, Jed

Listen to rock, Brock

And help us get free…..


9 thoughts on “19 Ways to Kill a Virus (with apologies to Paul Simon)

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