A Shot in the Arm or in the Dark?

I’ve a good reason for being a day late this week – – –

I was away from home yesterday and one reason was an appointment two hours away for my first Covid 19 vaccination. It was quick, well organized and painless and I was in and out in less than thirty minutes.

Of course I was curious about something being injected into me, so I did as much research as I could, once I knew that I’d be getting the Moderna one. I started from the position of someone who has had many vaccine inoculations in the past and continues to have regular B12 injections following bowel surgery years ago. Despite the fast tracking of all the current Covid vaccines I didn’t find any good reason to be concerned.

I discovered that the first dose gives up to 80% protection and the second one boosts it to 95%, which is on a par with the very best of previous vaccines for polio, measles and mumps (the ones I’d gotten as a child). I used to have a real fear of needles and there must be many folk who share that dread, but because of my regular B12 injections I’m pretty relaxed about it now, in fact relaxing is the secret to a painless shot.

Of course there are many other reasons why some people are ‘anti-vax’ – some legitimate and others less so. Wendy co-wrote a book that delves into conspiracy theories surrounding this.

 But the more folk get vaccinated then the more everyone else will be safer. I will also continue to wear a mask for the foreseeable future, partly because I could still be a carrier, but also to make a statement of support for the new Federal policy.

Talking of Federal policy – on my way home I listened to the inauguration on the car radio and was very impressed. I’m not a member of any political party, but as an immigrant and a Quaker I’ve probably been as horrified as anyone at the events of the last four years. Of course Trump has said he’ll be back, but there’s another four years and maybe eight to make America significant again. As someone with an academic interest in environmental issues and a personal interest in lowering international tensions and advancing peace, I hope President Biden will move things forward on these fronts – there’s a lot still to be done and more to be repaired. The connection between my themes in this post is obviously that the new administration’s biggest immediate task is to tackle the pandemic.

My feeling is that both my experiences yesterday were a shot in the arm and, even more, not a shot in the dark!

3 thoughts on “A Shot in the Arm or in the Dark?

  1. I personally think Pres.Trump was a very very good president. He loves this country, put the people first and he certainly did not have to run for office and put with the abuse he has taken over almost 5 years. It is very concerning how the left is now censoring differing opinion, exposing people to ridicule, the loss of their job, and attacks on their property and life. That is NOT American. Please give DJT some credit for your vaccine. That is the least you can do,.

  2. Hello Ms. Welch – I am Garry Wakely, the Director of Programming and Marketing at the Bristol Public Library, and I would like to do a Zoom interview with you about your new book. If you would be interested, please drop me an email at gwakely@bristol-library.org and we can work on setting up a time. 🙂
    Thank you!

    Garry Wakely

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