The Monday Funny Story

The Monday Book will return, but today I have to tell you a funny story.

My friend Sarah has been trying to get moved into an assisted living apartment complex for some time, and today was her day. We went over this morning to get her settled in, and Jack parked our Prius outside her cozy little attached row house so we could lift out a couple of pieces of furniture.

As we exited the Prius a big man got out of a small car parked on the street beside us.

“Y’all are in my parking space,” he said, ambling up with the shuffle of a confused bear.

We looked at the small cul-de-sac and its spaces. They were not assigned. The cars didn’t have stickers.

“Our friend is moving in here, so we’re giving her a hand with this chest,” I said cheerfully, pointing first to the apartment 20 feet away, and then at the heavy piece of furniture in the back of our car.

He considered a moment, then said, “This is my space.”

“How are they assigned?” asked my patient husband, as I decided to ignore the guy and get positioned for this five-minute job. Once the bear man realized we were just dropping something off, I figured, he’d quit.

The man stood a moment in thought, and then gave his answer. “I’ve always parked there.”

I was warming to the guy. Apparently, so was Jack. He said, “So my name is Jack, what’s yours?” And we began shoving at the massive piece of furniture with our collective 140-pound frames.


“Hi Jim. I’d shake hands but mine are full,” said my husband. “With this big trunk. Which we have to get out of the car before we can move out of your spot.”

My husband is subtle. Bu Jim was a big guy, standing there watching us take up time in his parking space trying to get this monstrosity out of our little red car that was parked in what was clearly his most valued possession.

Jim looked at my husband, then at the trunk. “Will y’all be done soon?” he asked.

I couldn’t help it. I laughed out loud. “Well, we’re weak and puny, so it would go faster if someone big and strong would help us, but yeah, we should be done in about five minutes.” The chest had started to move and I could barely hold it for breathless laughter.

“OK,” said Jim, and went into his apartment, presumably to wait us out. Jack and I, both breathless from giggles, moved the chest, and then Jack moved the Prius out of the space. (I was staying in our black jeep Angus to help Sarah move a few more things.) Jim came out of his apartment and moved his car into it. Jack gave a cheery wave as he drove off. Jim waved back.

Nawt strange as folk, I tell you.

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