Another Year – –

Wendy is out in the woods on writing retreat without internet, so you’re stuck with Jack –

It’s my birthday so I’m 79 years old now. Wendy is a bit younger so she has taken to keeping me younger too.

She isn’t here right now as she is on a writing retreat for a few days out in the woods with no internet or phone connection in the wonderful house of a friend.

She works at keeping me mentally active through these blog posts, though, the household chores, our articles for Living Tradition magazine and my radio shows. She also persuades me out on walks with our dog, Bruce, although he is sometimes as unenthusiastic as me.

But she organized a couple of things for my celebration –

She trained me to set up Zoom posts for old friends and the first was earlier today. It worked pretty well and it was wonderful. Talking for an hour with an old colleague that I had shared so many bizarre but important experiences with over twenty years ago.

Tomorrow will be more old musical friends over in Scotland and then I’m responsible for our usual Sunday meeting with folks who have become our closest pals.

As we head out of this bourach I expect my 80th birthday next year to be much more normal, but who knows?

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