Up, Up and Away – – –

Jack is very late this week with his guest post – but he was exhausted – –

When Wendy and I moved to this 1890 house in Wytheville one of the first problems was how to get our guest bed up the narrow and low stairs. We consulted the guys on ‘This Old House’ and, on their advice, cut the box spring in half across ways. Over the last two years various couples fell through it (we didn’t enquire).

So last week we purchased a new spring that splits length-ways and had to work out how to get the two halves up there. We decided that the simplest way would be hefting each half up onto the small deck on the upper level. We also decided it would be very satisfying to throw the old two halves over the railing and see them bounce!

Here is the evidence – –

It starts – –
Health and Safety at work!
I’m tempted to tag the folk who broke the previous one!

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