Choices – – –

Jack got his booster shot yesterday and was under the weather – – –

Wendy and I live in rural South West Virginia, in Appalachia. This part of the US has a solid Republican and Trump voting majority. That is absolutely fine with me as we live in a democracy and we can all vote for whomever we want.

However there’s another side to this. Many folk here buy into the ‘American dream’ and ‘the land of the free’. That’s also fine but it ties into a suspicion of any government interference including health regulations and advice.

As the Covid 19 Delta variant began to infect people around here earlier this year, it coincided with all the shops and stores moving from insisting on mask wearing to simply advising it. This seemed pretty silly to me, and it’s made me even more determined to wear a mask in public settings. However when I do go to these places I see hardly anyone else wearing one. My biggest concern, obviously, is that if any of them are infected they will spread it.

That said – yesterday I got my booster shot of Moderna at our local Walmart after failing to get it at CVS despite making a confirmed appointment. When I arrived at Wally World as a ‘walk in’ I had a very easy time – a very professional associate getting my details and an equally professional pharmacist administering the shot. It was all over from entry to exit in thirty minutes and I didn’t feel a thing!

I will continue to wear my mask, despite the fact that I’m triple vaccinated, because I can still easily be infected and infect others.

I can’t tell other people how to live their lives; all I can do is say how I live mine – – –

2 thoughts on “Choices – – –

  1. Thanks so much for this post and for your diligence in wearing a mask. As one who has an immunocompromised family member, I am particularly grateful for your affirming words. My church has taken the position that wearing a mask is a tangible sign of loving one’s neighbor. I’ve even seen some masks embroidered with the words “I’m loving my neighbor.” 🙂

    Stay well!

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