Freewheeling Now – –

Jack is honored to hit the deadline for his Wednesday guest post – –

There are many landmarks in life and my latest was my 80th birthday last Saturday. It was meant to be a surprise but couldn’t really be as it was a virtual on-line party and I had to be warned to be there by Wendy.

I wandered past her a couple of times as she was talking on-line to our old friend Aileen Carr in Scotland but didn’t realize what a central part she (Aileen) would play in the whole shenanigans.

The real surprises were many!

Just a few of the folk who dropped in – –

Some sixty-five people attended, and from all parts of my life: family members, some old work colleagues and many folkies from both sides of the pond.

Aileen MCd the whole thing expertly, while Wendy kept hold of the Zoom requirements. I just sat back and enjoyed the whole thing!

There were people from all across the US and Canada, from Ireland, Scotland and England, so many different time zones.

Lots of laughs, memories, stories, songs and music.

Also memories of my 60th birthday which was meant to be a genuine surprise and was derailed at the last minute by our great friend Jock Duncan. He phoned an hour after Wendy had expertly rescued the event to say “Sorry I can’t make it to your surprise party” – he really did say that and we just knew that his wife Frances was standing behind him trying to wrestle the phone away from him. Both gone now like many others who didn’t make it as far as me. We took a moment to remember Jock, who died during the pandemic.

Here’s the late Jim Reid with one of his great songs –

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