For whom the Bell Rings – –

Jack’s guest post is very late this week and Wendy is off-line on a writing retreat for a few days  – – –

When I was a small child we didn’t have a phone. Thinking back I remember that later I just knew where my friends were likely to be on a particular night and just went there.

Then we did get one, but it had a number very similar to a local wholesale grocery outlet and I had great fun waiting until a long list of vegetables had been listed before saying ‘wrong number’!

Many years later cell phones arrived and Wendy and I got one each. These were just basic phones and we only got them so we could contact each other in an emergency. But then I retired from my college job and was contracted as a consultant by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and my boss there, a lovely guy called Paul, was a cell phone freak.

Wendy and I just picked up whichever phone was handiest as we traveled around, so whenever Paul phoned me he almost always got Wendy instead of me. This drove him nuts, but being a nice guy he continued to employ me!

Then more recently a good friend upgraded her smart phone and gave me her old one. It seems as if she had also inherited it from someone called George because I get lots of texts of a fairly explicit nature for him. I ignore them of course, but I’m having fun conjuring up his imagined persona – – –

So here I am – moved from having no phone at all of any kind, to checking my emails and messages, the news, my Facebook and all the other stuff each morning, while also using it to direct me to various destinations.

But George – George – – –

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