Wagons Ho – –

Jack actually makes it on time for the Wednesday guest post –

Well Covid hasn’t gone away yet, but since we are fully vaccinated and continue to wear masks, we feel able to make some excursions now.

We will be heading shortly to visit friends for a weekend in South Carolina, and then for a week in New Mexico. Then at the end of June we’ll be off for three weeks in Scotland after a break in the small group tours since 2019. This one will be a sentimental last one with many old friends we’ve made over the years.

Because we will be away so much during the growing season we won’t be planting so much this year, but we’ll still have a go at some basic veggies – corn, peas, onions, peppers. We do have arrangements in hand for our dog, cats and chickens – –

It will be strange getting back to traveling again although I doubt it will be exactly ‘normal’. Flights are subject to cancelation because of crew shortages and in Scotland some of our hotels can’t offer dinner because of staff from Europe falling foul of Brexit! I am hoping that the current requirement to have a negative test ahead of flying back to the US will have stopped by then. Nevertheless – adventures await!

I’m not suggesting that Covid is over – I don’t believe it will ever be over. Wendy has been very careful of my contacts and outings for the last three years and taking serious precautions herself. Far too many countries seem to be just shrugging their shoulders now and condemning old and infirm people to an earlier death than would be expected. Maybe they think it will ease pressure on their health systems?

Despite the restrictions it will be good to feel semi-normal again, though!

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