Meaningful Thanksgiving

Writers are supposed to have meaningful things to say at major holidays.

I hope you had fun. I hope you found joy. I believe in the power of enforced gatherings to bring about meaningful dialogues.

Whether you’re shopping, or resting, or sad, or tired, or peaceful, or feeling a little guilty about the carbs yesterday, Happy Day after Friends/Thanksgiving. About the only thing Americans love beating ourselves up about more than carbs is family guilt. So yesterday should have delivered a double whammy for most of the self-flagellating crowd. Have fun with that. Go for broke.

If you opted for the “no dishes eat out” I trust the food was great and you were kind to your wait staff. See also, family guilt, above.

If you are opting today for the End Capitalism Now approach by not shopping, enjoy, but do remember that moral high ground can be awfully slippy, so try not to dance on it.

If you are using your elbows to ensure that coveted pair of sneakers for your nephew, wishing you astonishing long reach and unbreakable bones but please do remember that sometimes wanting is more powerful than getting, despite what Dickens said.

And if you’re back at work, God love you and thanks for holding society together.

That is all. Go forth and conquer, everybody.

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