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Zoom me up Scottie – –

Jack makes it just in time again – –

For a good few months we’ve been holding Zoom meetings every Sunday with some close friends in North Carolina, Virginia and Scotland. It’s an odd way to connect but better than nothing.

It’s kind of amazing for me that what seemed like science fiction just a few years ago is now normal – speaking to folk across the world while seeing them.

I worried back when we first started that we’d run out of things to talk about but it’s turned out quite the opposite – we actually tend to run on beyond the allotted hour. We all know each other’s houses so there’s often a conducted tour to show what’s been happening, holiday decorations and such. Our cats and dogs usually make an appearance as well. Some of us eat breakfast while we talk and others drink coffee, although the five hour time difference between the US and Scotland makes that weird as well.

Wendy is much more used to Zooming than me and she has a goodly number of different groups that she interacts with, and I occasionally wander past her and say hello. Our good friend Liz in Ireland hosts a massive Zoomed storytelling event every Saturday night and often has thirty or forty folk connecting from all over the world, whereas we just have four lots of two and we only chat.

Of course there are lots of examples of folk wandering into the bathroom with their i-pads while remaining connected, but we’ve managed to avoid that – although only just!

The biggest problem is the latency issue, so there’s a slight delay which makes natural conversation really difficult, and I am sure that the most-used phrase of 2020, besides “Do you have toilet paper?” is “Your mic is on mute.”

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Tin Can Ally

When the pandemic started, recycling was the least of our concerns. But we hated throwing away the plastic bottles and tin cans we’d been accustomed to sorting at the dump, so I started piling them up. If you have a decent funnel, bottles can be quite handy for storing all sorts of leftovers–especially if you aren’t going to the store to pick up Tupperware anymore.

But the cans? They became planters for tomato seeds to give away, holders of cooking grease, even tart burners on coffee warmers. And still they piled up. We have a dog and four cats, after all.

I began cruising Pinterest, which always makes Jack nervous. It’s not that he dislikes me picking up new hobbies; he doesn’t so much enjoy the part where “I just need you to poke the holes for me” and such. But he gamely welcomed my latest diversion: tin can snowmen.

It’s a 2020 thing.

Production began last night. We plan to make a few dozen of these and line the front walk with them, give some away to neighbors, just generally enjoy getting rid of the cans in a fun and fashionable way.

The funny part is, I figured this craft would be almost free, since we had the cans. All I had to buy was the paint. Over the summer when I got a supply online, it was relatively inexpensive, but schools have been out awhile now, and I suspect those with means to do so will thrown any amount of money at water-washable crafts that keep the kids quiet. So, the paint prices had tripled.

When I said as much to Jack, he waved a hand. “If it keeps you occupied, dear, I’m all for it.”

Hmmm. I don’t feel so bad about asking him to punch the holes for the arms now. Actually, he’s painting the faces because he has a steadier hand than me. And I’m doing the base coats, and the hats. We have become Tin Can Allies. The couple that recycles weird trash into cute Christmas ornaments during a pandemic, stays together.

If you want a pattern, just google Tin Can Snowmen. There are hundreds of ways to make these little guys. Have fun! (And buy your paint now. It’s still going up.)

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