Who’s your Book Daddy Now?

Heh. It started with the “good guys” when I was eight or so: Laurie from Little Women, the sensitive vegetarian viking teens from Rosemary Sutcliffe’s blood-guts-and gore novels. But yes, by the time I was in junior high, Anne McCaffrey’s sweet-psion lads were no longer cutting it for me. Heathcliff was tame. I need the bad boys, the ones under the label “only the love of a good woman can save him.” I went for…. wait, why am I telling YOU this? I barely know you!

So who was YOUR book daddy growing up? (Or now.) Who would you drop Mr. Life Partner for in a heartbeat if he–or she–showed up, flesh, blood (and probably billowy cape) at your door? C’mon, fess up; we’re all friends here….