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The Monday Book: Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason

masonI met Jamie in her native Asheville, when she came to my book talk at that wonderful bookstore Malaprop’s. Jamie’s book was coming out in February, so we sat afterward and chatted awhile. She had a wicked fun sense of humor.

Which is why I read Three Graves Full, even though I’ve mostly lost my taste for mysteries. If I hadn’t known Jamie, I might not have been drawn to the book.

Which would have made me miss one of the funniest opening lines in crime: “There is very little peace for a man with a body buried in his backyard.” The book’s premise really drives most of the action following: a man who needed killing is buried out back, but when workers arrive to do some municipal stuff, with specific instructions to do the front yard only, they find two more bodies.

Which the poor guy who killed the schmuck in the back yard knows nothing about. And it all gets silly from there. Jamie’s writing is a combination of tight and free-flowing, never feeling forced in description or dialogue. This thriller is smart, funny, and erudite.

Which brings me to the best part: Jamie is coming to the bookstore on Tuesday (March 11) at 7 pm to talk about her book, her writing, the publishing process, and the thrill of thrillers. Jamie is a real hoot once you get a drink in her, so if you can come out for this free program, you’ll enjoy it. Refreshments will be on sale in the cafe, and Jamie will be signing books afterward.

Jamie says she got the idea for the book from a newspaper headline that said “Human skull found in bag of mulch.” One never knows what this Spring Gardening season could lead to…


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