The Twilight of Twilight – and the dawning of the Grey

Well, it’s happened. Copies of books from the Twilight series have officially exceeded the shelf space allotted them. “Tales of the Lonesome Pine” isn’t called “The LITTLE Bookstore of Big Stone Gap” for nothing.

Located as we are in the downstairs of a 1903 home, there’s only so much space available. We can stuff about 40,000 books in, if you count the Luv Shack for romances outside, and don’t count the bathtub (which so far Jack has refused to do). I say the tub would be a fine place to put hot books that have cooled to lukewarm; in fact, I’m predicting a Shades of Grey sale in about a month. But Jack says he likes the tub clean, not bloodied by the latest vampire S&M.

Picky, that guy  I married.

So if you are looking for a hot deal on a cooling commodity, or even better, looking for a cool classic that has stood the test of time, now’s a good time to visit your local used book shop. We realize a lot of people who read this blog are a bit far for impulse visiting–California, for instance–but you’ll have a shop out there where the Grey Twilight is Eclipsing the Breaking Dawn. Go for it. If you don’t want to read them, the hardbacks make great purses. ;] (thanks to BevsPaper for this link)

Don’t forget to enter the final St. Martin’s Press Caption Contest; scroll back to CAPTION CONTEST VII, the blog post for Sept. 12, and put your caption under the comments section.

4 thoughts on “The Twilight of Twilight – and the dawning of the Grey

  1. Well lucky you. I never can have enough copies of those books. I have so many asking for twilight books but the donations in are minimal. I would send them out to you but that would be a long drive. lol

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