We’ve all been there. The “have-you-heard-about-the-new” conversation at an office party, the “have you met” introduction, the seductive opening line. The getting-to-know-you moments. It looks like you have much to say to one another. So you go home together.

And it’s all going great: a little wine, a little more to talk about, and then you’re in bed, and the real fun begins. Lights on low, the rhythm escalates, not long to go yet every second is a pleasure, the thrill of satisfaction is just around the corner, yes, yes, oh please, and then….

DAMMIT, the plot slides into corniness, or your favorite character takes a bullet, or the author gets on his soapbox, maybe the whole thing just devolves into a chase story from a sexily intelligent whodunnit. So you hurl the book across the bed, turn out the light, unsatisfied and aching, and seek solace in the arms of sleep.

{sigh} Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Joyous Everything Else to all our friends. This blog is moving to a four days per week schedule. This will let me get on with some other writing projects. Also, if you write about books, bookstores, or reading/writing, I’m always happy to have guest bloggers!

3 thoughts on “Sexplo(i)ts

  1. You got me! Haha
    Wishing you, Jack, and all the bookstore crew and pets the very best during the holidays and a great start to the new year! Merry Christmas!

    Laura Taylor
    Taylor Barfield
    Jane Bond

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