My Boyfriend’s Back….

Jack came home Saturday afternoon, after the usual hoopla with United flights that just can’t fly on time. He flung himself onto the bed and made up for lost time.

Oh, wait, that reads funny. What I mean to say is, he took a nap.

When the Kraken awoke, I gave him an orientation tour of the new, improved bookstore. He was actually pretty impressed. “You moved all this stuff yourself?”

We get by with a little help from our friends. Thanks, Wes, Rachael and Elizabeth, who gave me shelf screwing, board sanding, and book shifting support, respectively. And Jennifer and Leroy who offered food and electric wiring assistance. And Mark, who brought milk, and Ben, who hefted books, and the rest of the gang who did untold things so Jack wouldn’t have to when he got home.

And then we got right back into our routines. He’d been home about three hours when night fell, and we both did our usual hop onto the Net, this time tucked up in the new cozy chairs that face one another in the bookshop’s front room. Funny how, when you’re social networking with friends, the fact that your husband is sitting three feet away catching up on blogs he follows raises the quality of the talking you’re not doing. It’s just nicer. Cozier. A safe and happy place in a crazy world.

On Sunday we also we got right back into “here’s what needs to be done in the shop today,” relocating a few final shelves and cleaning the downstairs underfloor in prep for the hardwood going down, but you know, when your beloved is next to you, it really doesn’t matter if you’re saying, “I love you madly, passionately, deeply. Come here and kiss me, you romantic fool!” or “D’ya think bamboo flooring would be best here? It’s got a great consumer reports rating.”

‘Cause it’s him. And he’s here. And we’re happy.


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7 responses to “My Boyfriend’s Back….

  1. anne64

    Fortunate, both of you. Today’s post lit a warm glow.

  2. Elizabeth Cooperstein

    Oh, yeah.

  3. KWalker

    Sometimes just sharing the air around you is enough huh? Happy is good!!!

  4. So sweet! ain’t love grand? My Hubs and I do the same thing. We sit in the same room while reading online and the silence is sometimes broken with, “Did you see what So & So said on FB?” Romance by the soft glow of a computer! Ha!

  5. My husband has been in grad school the last three years, and for the last two we have split our lives between two cities: Me staying in Charlottesville at our house and working here while he had an apartment in Richmond to stay at during the week while he attended classes and did hospital hours (he’s studying to be a chaplain). He just moved back home this past weekend since he’s finishing up in July, so I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! It’s just so nice to be back under the same roof, full-time!

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